Mtandao wa Jamii wa Usimamizi wa Misitu Tanzania (MJUMITA) in English also known by “The Community Forest Conservation Network of Tanzania”. MJUMITA is an independent NGO, legally registered in 2007 under NGO act of 2002. It is a network of over 112 local community-based organizations (CBOs) with over 15,000 members in the villages involved in Participatory Forest Management (PFM) across Tanzania. The network provides a forum for capacity building, exchange of knowledge, advocacy and communication for across these groups and PFM villages in Tanzania. MJUMITA’s members are existing in 13 regions, 30 districts, 143 wards and 452 villages representing around 500 forest based local community groups and village forest management institutions under PFM programs


Capacity Building


Good Governance

Sustainable Forest Management

Climate Change


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