Our Mission

To provide knowledge, build capacity and link communities with local networks (CBOs) for increased participation of stakeholders in advocacy and decision-making in ownership, management and utilization of forests.

Our Vision

Our Vision: To see Society that cares, manages, utilizes forests and forest products sustainably.

MJUMITA is a network of thousands of community members from over 400 villages across Tanzania. We provide our members with technical assistance regarding forest management, governance, and advocacy.

Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objective 1: Capacity Building – Improved capacity of local communities to engage in Sustainable land management (SLM), Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) under PFM programmes, and other Policy related advocacy matters.

Strategic Objective 2: Participatory Forest Management (PFM) – Forest dependent communities accrue equitable benefits from engaging in PFM based enterprises for poverty alleviation.

Strategic Objective 3: Networking, Communication and Advocacy – Government and private sector within Tanzania put into practice PFM and other natural resource management related policies.

Strategic Objective 4: Institutional Capacity Strengthening – Institutional effectiveness and efficiency of MJUMITA is strengthened.

Strategic Objective 5: Enhancing Partnerships – To foster networking and partnerships with relevant local, national and international organizations in order to amplify and scale up best forest conservation Models in Tanzania.